Who We Are

528-800-cropThe Shiloh Center is the only crisis pregnancy center in Cass County, with over 25 years of dedication to helping women who come through our doors make life-affirming choices. While national abortion rates have fallen to historic lows, and Cass County rates of abortion have dropped, tragically approximately 9-12% of pregnancies in Cass County still end in abortion— close to double the Missouri average.

Women who experience an unplanned pregnancy and choose abortion most often cite that they made their choice because they feel unsupported and unready to provide and parent. Other reasons include poverty, pressure from family, or abusive relationships. Every day, women in crisis make this life-or-death decision--most of them misled by popular culture to believe the “problem” will just go away. Instead they find their hearts heavy with grief, and their lives scarred and deeply traumatized from the choice they were told would free them from an unwanted burden.

An estimated 800,000 - 900,000 babies are aborted every year in America.

We cannot be silent.

Our Goals

Saving Lives in our Community – and how you can help.

The Shiloh Center is 100% supported by your generous donations. All funding is used to provide pregnancy testing, counseling materials, education, practical helps, and ultrasound services to abortion-vulnerable women in our community. We plan to launch a free STD Clinic in the summer to proactively reach the young, vulnerable, sexually active population in Harrisonville.

At this time, our reach outpaces our annual donations. The Shiloh Center is rallying our community to stand for the sanctity of life through financial partnership, volunteering, and boldly speaking up for LIFE in our spheres of influence.

With your generous and compassionate support, significant progress in funding these important services to abortion vulnerable women will be made.